Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bellissima's First Blog Entry

Ahhhh - I've finally entered the world of blogging!

Where to start?

Well, I'll start with intentions... all good, I assure you!

As the owner of Bellissima Trucco Minerale (our incredible, 100% all-natural mineral makeup company), I plan to use this blog to update our Customers, Fans and Casual Readers on all the wonderful new things happening - as it happens - at Bellissima!

Anyone who's heard of Bellissima knows that we sell Mineral Makeup, but what some may not know is that it has, is and always will be our primary goal to educate women on the benefits of all-natural cosmetics and other skin care products. We do our best to inform and update on news available in the industry and promote great overall skin health. We adamantly believe in mineral makeup as the alternative to petroleum-based, chemical-laden commerical cosmetics. To that end, we have several websites, have pages on social networking sites, write informative Squidoo Lenses, run a Yahoo Group and now we BLOG!

After many years spent researching, formulating, testing, reformulating and testing some more, we launched Bellissima Trucco Minerale ('Gorgeous Mineral Makeup' in Italian) in the Spring of 2007. And this past Fall, we found it was just a natural progression to add lip care, handcrafted soap, spa and bath & body products to the Bellissima Catalog. We hope to expand over the next year to extend our mineral makeup line, as well as our lip care line ( under our 'LipSync' brand) and our botanical-infused soap line. We also hope to begin adding some facial products for the 2009 Fall season!

To learn more about us, please be sure to visit

Well, I'm off to make soap!

Today is the perfect winter's day to make a beautiful loaf of natural Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Facial Soap!

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