Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Has Sprung in the Retail World - Or So They Tell Me

Spring Is In The Air!

Even though it's snowing in the MidWest and storming here in the NorthEast today, everything retail is all about Spring! Especially in the online sales venues.

The retail world has always dictated when the shopping 'olympics' begin for a particular season. And to be honest, I always find seasonal shopping exciting - it helps bring on a change in attitude and gets me into the spirit of a new and fresh time of year.

But let's admit it: just because I can buy a lemon yellow halter top today, it doesn't mean I can wear it tomorrow (it's only 45 degrees out, for heaven's sake!). And if I do buy it today, who's to say I'm even going to like it or want to wear it two months from now (when it's finally 75 degrees out!)? Prerogative of a woman, and all...

When I began my mineral makeup business, I promised myself two things:
1) To always be fashion-forward but classicly chic
2) To never offer an item that the consumer can't buy today and use today

So, when developing my Spring line, I decided to be practical:
  • I'm offering lots of exfoliating products to help shed the Winter 'blues' and 'blahs'
  • I'm offering subtle shades that transition well from Winter to Spring
  • I'm offering lighter fragrances that treat the senses to a brighter experience
But I, too, am in a rush for the vivid and intense shades of Summer and the dazzling and glowing rays of the sun! I just couldn't help myself in adding one or two vibrant new shades of eyeshadows to my Spring Collection:

Amazon Lily is a gorgeous peacock blue with gold undertones and a shimmer finish:

Cuban Gold is 24 Karats of pure sunshine with a shimmer finish:

So Celebrate Spring and all the wonders that a change in seasons bring. Revel in all the rich and radiant colors of this incredible time of year. But don't forget - don't buy something today that you can't wear tomorrow (unless it's on sale, of course!).

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