Friday, August 7, 2009

New All Natural Lip Gloss Shades For Fall

And speaking of Lip Gloss…..

I’m really excited to introduce some great new shades for Fall!

It took me a long time to perfect our Lip Gloss formula. I wanted all natural ingredients (of course!), lots of shine and none of that thick, petroleum feel. I used some wonderfully skin penetrating oils with lots of nutrients, both cocoa and shea butter for richness and emolliency, and both beeswax and candelilla wax for shine and to lock in moisture.

I decided not to use any synthetic flavor oils to keep it all natural and only use cosmetic grade, lip-safe mica for color. This creates a pure product with a sheer, barely-there hint of color that makes them perfect for every skin tone and incredibly good for your lips!

The first (top, left) is a gorgeous, intense bronze with subtle hints of burgundy and amethyst, plenty of shimmer and lots of shine: Remarkably Raisin.

The second (right) is a striking deep pinky-orange shade with copper undertones and unbelievable shimmer and shine: Absolutely Apricot.

And the third (bottom, left) is a stunning peachy-pink shade with red and gold undertones, high shine and enormous shimmer: Beautifully Blush.

Each all-natural Bellissima LipSync Lip Gloss comes in a see-through tube with a convenient sponge-tipped wand applicator.

They're available for $7.50 each, including US Shipping. We also ship Worldwide!

Through the rest of the Summer (at our Etsy Shop only) we’re running a Buy 3, Get 1 Free special for $22.50 - and Free US Shipping!
View all 7 shades at either of our stores:
Have a suggestion for a new Bellissima Lip Gloss Shade for Winter?
We’d love to hear it!


  1. I've got to give your lip gloss a try. So many of the glosses I've bought in department stores leave my lips feeling sticky and my hubby hates it when I give him a sticky lip gloss kiss. Can't say as I crazy about that feeling either. =D

  2. Ah ha !!! I see you figured a way to receive your comments. Now they should start rolling in again. :)

  3. thank u given such natural products to feel beautifullips without chemical sludge.


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