Monday, September 28, 2009

New Bellissima Product: Creme Perfume

And speaking of more new Bellissima products….

We’ve been making and selling solid perfume for a while now. We offer them in complimentary fragrances to our scented soaps & lotions, and up ‘til now, have only had them available in our 3pc Trial Size MiniSpa Kits.

One of the reasons for this is that, although they’re fine the way they are - and exactly what you’d expect a solid perfume to be, they’re not quite what I personally happen to like in a solid perfume.

This is one of the unending internal debates every crafter/artisan/indie biz owner goes through: to formulate a product that meets the expectations of a wide customer base, or create a product that I not only love and would use every day, but something I’m incredibly proud of and dream others will love, too?

I’ve been true to myself from the very beginning, and I can’t find a reason to stop now!

I’m satisfied with most aspects of our Solid Perfume: the depth and longevity of the fragrance, the look of the product, especially the fact that one jar will last months and months! But what I really wanted to change was the consistency - the way it feels on the skin.

I really wanted more of a creamy, rather than waxy consistency. I want it to feel rich and velvety going on - an ultra smooth and luxurious texture that’s indulgent and pampering. I wanted it to be really decadent.

This means that the usage won’t be quite as extensive, and I run the risk of it melting during shipment in the warm weather months if I'm not very careful, but I believe it will be a much more enjoyable product.

The first thing I changed in my formula was the Beeswax. Although I love beeswax, I think it can be a bit stiff in certain applications - like this one. I replaced a majority of the beeswax with soy wax, which has a lower melting point, will absorb into rather than lay across the skin and has a much more creamy texture.

I kept the High-Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil & Sweet Almond Oil from the original formula for their moisturizing qualities and because I love the way this combination feels on the skin. Then I added in lots of Shea Butter to increase the richness and emolliency.

I ended up with a wonderful, silky smooth, luxurious perfumed crème that feels as delicious as it smells!

Right now, they’re only available in scents to accompany my soaps, but I really hope to expand further into my own perfume blends at some point.

You’ll receive a trial size crème perfume with any of the 3pc Trial Size MiniSpa Sets (along with a trial size body lotion and sample soap bar) in your choice of available fragrances.

Full size crème perfumes will be available soon (in convenient 1oz tins) at and

If you’ve tried our Solid or Crème Perfumes, be sure to leave a comment and let us know what you think!


  1. Sounds great-keep true to yourself and rice bran oil is super great in anything.

  2. I've never tried solid or creme perfume. Always just used the liquid kind. But now I am curious!



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