Friday, December 4, 2009

The Value of Customer Testimonials - Both Giving & Receiving

We all know how important Customer Testimonials are to our businesses - particularly small businesses. Most indie businesses benefit from word-of-mouth advertising more than any other - and flattering reviews, positive feedback and satisfied customer testimonials are incredibly valuable and often translate into sales.

We at Bellissima are profoundly grateful for our own favorable reviews and are accustomed to asking permission to reprint complimentary comments for our own marketing purposes. And with appreciation, we're always glad to offer them up for products and companies we truly believe in.

I recently blogged about sending out Bellissima's first email newsletter (better late than never!) and my experience with 's new Newsletter Broadcast.

I was so impressed with Hostway's simple set-up, ease of use and attractive designs - and was so proud of myself for finally getting our Newsletter issue under control - that I had written a glowing review on my blog, never giving it a second thought.

But shockingly (as most things tend to happen to me - & Bellissima), I received a phone call the next day from Hostway. They were making a customer service call, asking if I knew about or had used their new Newsletter Broadcast service. I let them know that I did, and had - and they asked for my opinion. I directed them to my blog post - since it was all right there in black and white for all the world to see - why shouldn't they?

It was funny really, and quite serendipitous.

Hostway was working on promoting their Newsletter Broadcast, including details in their own monthly email newsletter, and thought a customer testimonial fit in perfectly with their plans. I gladly approved excerpts from my blog post for a quote and gave my permission for them to use.

I received their Newsletter just yesterday - and was thrilled to see my quote published on the page! But even more thrilling was clicking the link and seeing my full product review - with a screenshot of Bellissima's Newsletter - right on their website!

I'm flattered to have been chosen to represent Hostway's customers, but even more than that, I'm thrilled to endorse a product that I truly believe in - and one that's helping me build my business and making it more successful!
Oh, and if you'd like to subscribe to Bellissima's monthly Newsletter, you may do so here!

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