Saturday, January 30, 2010

The LipSync Project: 15 Days of Treats for Your Lips - Day 1

And so, The LipSync Project is off to a belated but fabulous start!

I’m so excited to be expanding my line of Lip Balms, Butters, Glosses and Plumpers! New brand, new flavors and colors, new products, new formulas, new packaging - what a thrill!

I thought it might be interesting to start off by talking about lip balms and lip butters and what the differences are: The Basics, as they say.

I’ve posted previously about the importance of protecting and caring for the lips - please see “5 Steps to Beautifully Perfect Lips” at

Lip Balms and Butters help in relieving dry, chapped lips and preventing moisture loss - and the addition of flavor and color only enhances the product and provides cosmetic benefits to the consumer.

The main difference between a lip balm and a lip butter is exactly what you’d think:
Lip Butters have a higher percentage of butter (usually cocoa, mango and/or shea - but other butters like pistachio, macadamia, kokum, illipe and coffee bean may be used), creating a very rich, emollient product that absorbs into the skin, soothing, softening and replenishing moisture.

Lip Balms, on the other hand, usually have a higher percentage of wax (usually beeswax, but soy, candellila, carnauba, even jojoba esters may be used), creating a stiffer product that sits on top of the skin, locking in moisture and providing a protective layer against the elements.

I like both, as they serve different purposes - and together, they’re a double-whammy against dry, cracked, painful, chapped lips!

Whether it’s in a tube, pot or tin, there’s no doubt that lip balms and butters are a must for lip care!

And here’s the LipSync Lip Treat for Day 1:

LipSync Mineral Tinted Lip Butter in Cherry Almond, .25oz slide tin
LipSync handmade Lip Butters are extra-emollient and moisturizing and enriched with Vitamin E. Formulated with only the highest quality ingredients - and 3 different ultra-rich butters - they're the ultimate in promoting soft, supple, smooth lips. And with a hint of sheer color, they can be worn alone, under or over lipstick and lip liners.

Cherry Almond Lip Butter imparts the scent of freshly picked cherries and rich toasted almonds. This Lip Butter adds a sheer tint of mahogany shimmer to your lips.

LipSync Cherry Almond Mineral Tinted Lip Butter is available for $4.00 + Shipping at my new shop on etsy:

Tune in to Day 2 of The LipSync Project: 15 Days of Treats for Your Lips for more information on lip balm ingredients - and maybe even a recipe - and of course, a brand new treat for your lips!

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