Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bellissima Holiday Shopping Guide: Day 2 of Stocking Stuffers

Okay, admit it: you know you’re getting socks and underwear for Christmas. Most of us do - whether we need them or not. Whether we want them or not.

Stockings are, in many households, predominately for filling with the necessities of life: batteries, razors, pens & pencils, toiletries and the aforementioned unmentionables.

But how do you give these types of gifts and avoid the inevitable look of utter disappointment?
Make it FUN! And make it an annual tradition.

My Mom made it fun by choosing undergarments with cool characters or fun designs - an awesome change from the pure white we were used to the rest of the year. She gift wrapped even the most mundane item, usually even more elaborately than the ’real’ gifts. And she made it a tradition by doing things like a variation on theme every year. One year our stocking might be filled with nothing but blue items or T-Shirts, the next year might be nothing but purple stuff or makeup!

But no matter what, we always looked forward to opening our stockings - in spite of the fact that we knew that there was a strong possibility that there’d be socks and underwear in there. And I try to keep it fun and build a tradition for my loved ones now, too.

Soap is one of those gifts that you can have fun with. And with our soap sample bars, you can have a blast! At just over 1 oz each, they’re both inexpensive and practical, and perfect for stuffing stockings. Here are some great ideas for themed stocking stuffing:

DIY-er or Car-Lover Gift Idea: Fill with handy tools, measuring tape, car wax, a nice chamois and a few sample size bars of our Orange & Tea Tree Mechanic’s Companion Pumice Soap.

Cook’s or Chef‘s Gift Idea: Fill with mini cookbooks, utensils, spices, oven mitts and a few sample size bars of our Black Diamond Coffee Kitchen Companion Hand Soap.

Fruit-Lover‘s Gift Idea: Fill with an apple corer, citrus peeler, small jars of jams or preserves and a few sample size bars of our Anjou Pear, Blackberry Hibiscus or Avocado & Lime Soap.

Gardener’s or Florist Gift Idea: Fill with a spade & trowel, gardening gloves, apron, seed packets and a few bars of our Red Rose & Ivy, Exotic Orchid, Flowers & Ferns or Lavender & Lemongrass Soap.

Dog-Lover’s Gift Idea: Fill with a pet brush, chew toys, pet treats, leash & collar and a few bars of our Comfrey & Tea Tree Oil Dog Shampoo Bar.

All-Natural Themed Stocking: Fill with organic snack bars, 100% cotton socks, hand-made paper stationary and a few bars of our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey, Triple Mint or Cracked Black Pepper Soap.

Hair-Care Themed Stocking: Fill with brushes and combs, bows, ribbons, clips, hair spay & styling gel and a few bars of our Amber Vanilla Shampoo & Body Bar.

Shave Themed Stocking: Fill with disposable razors, a cotton facial cloth, soothing aftershave or aloe gel and a few sample bars of our Chamomile Aloe Shave Soap.

The ideas are endless, really - and only limited to your imagination! Oh - and to make it easy and economical, we offer our Soap Sample Bars in 4-, 5-, 6-, 8- and 10-Pack Variety Stacks!

All of our Sample Size Soap Bars are available at:

So have some fun this year, and start a tradition that will keep your family looking forward to opening their Stockings every Holiday Season!


  1. What great ideas...I remember getting Lavender soap in my stocking..I felt so grown up because that was the soap my Grandmother used...


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