Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bellissima Holiday Shopping Guide: Day 3 of Stocking Stuffers

As a girl, I loved cosmetics - I still do. And like many other girls of a certain age, I was addicted to nail polish, lip color, eyeshadows, etc. I can even pinpoint the exact time when my fascination with everything that beautifies began - but that's for another post!

I really wish a few things were different back when I started using makeup:
- I wish I knew as much about skin care as I did about cosmetics
- I wish I cared more about what I was putting on my face than how it looked
- I wish there were much healthier options available

I attribute most of the skin issues I'm experiencing today in middle age with the transgressions of my youth. Unfortunately, we just didn't know any better.

But now we do.

And I firmly believe that girls today will have much healthier skin tomorrow because of it!

My step-daughter will soon reach that age when makeup becomes a vital life necessity, and I can't wait to introduce her to mineral cosmetics - Bellissima, of course!

And the perfect introduction is with a Trial Size Mineral Makeup Kit - it makes an ideal stocking stuffer for the Holidays, too!

Our 7pc Trial Size Kits include small 5 gram jars filled to the brim with Minerals: Foundation, Mineral Veil, Concealer, Blush and Bronzer.

We offer them in every shade of Foundation, and the companion products are in coordinating shades. We also include either a mini Kabuki Brush or 5pc Mini Brush Set (your choice) and our detailed Mineral Makeup Application Guide. Each Kit offers approximately 2 weeks of daily application, depending on use.

And it's affordable, too: $12.50 with Free US Shipping!
They're available at both shops:

So, whether you've always wanted to try mineral cosmetics yourself or you know a Tween or Teen just getting into makeup and want to introduce them to a healthier alternative to traditional cosmetics, Bellissima Trial Size Kits are the perfect choice!

Want to try before you buy? I’ll send you 5 Bellissima Mineral Makeup Samples - totally Free of Charge - to do just that! They're in smal 2"x2" ziplock bags, are great for testing shades and will last 1-2 applications.
Just visit, go to the Contact Us Page and fill out the form. We promise to protect your privacy and never spam you.

Stay Tuned for more Stocking Stuffers from Bellissima!

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