Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bellissima Holiday Shopping Guide: Day 4 of Stocking Stuffers

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Still talking about Stocking Stuffers, too.

While just about everything we sell at Bellissima could fit into a stocking, they all don't qualify as stocking stuffers. And why is that?

Well, one very old legend of unknown origin tells the story of a nobleman who had lost everything after his wife died and was living as a peasant. He was quite poor and in need of dowries to marry off his three daughters. Saint Nicholas happened to be visiting the town and heard talk from the villagers of the family's dilemma. He knew the family would never accept charity, but decided to help anyway. He waited until the family was asleep and peeked through the window. He noticed the girls had hung their stockings by the fireplace to dry, and climbed down the chimney to drop gold coins in them - enough for each daughter to be able to marry. Thus, the very first Christmas Stockings were born.

There are other popular stories, too, but suffice it to say that they all involve footwear by the fireplace and small coins, balls or toys.

So, it's tradition to just use small gifts for stuffing stockings. And, it's what fits! Nowadays we save Stockings for just small-sized presents, usually inexpensive, designed to make the recipient smile.

And what's the most perfect Stocking Stuffer of all? Gift Certificates!

Bellissima is offering shop Gift Certificates this Holiday Season in a wide variety of denominations - from $10.00 up to $1,000,000.00 (just kidding...)!

They never expire, include the cost of shipping and are valid on everything in the Bellissima Shop! We can email a .pdf version for you to print out or snail-mail the real thing.

So if you need just one more thing to top off that stocking, Bellissima Gift Certificates are the way to go. You can find them at

And don't forget to check yesterday's post for lots of discount promo codes valid for this weekend only! Or this post for themed stocking stuffer gift ideas!

Stay tuned for more of the Bellissima Holiday Shopping Guide coming up!

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