Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Day 30, Soap 30

It’s (still) Day #30!

If you missed the announcement of the winners of The Lather Project Soap Giveaway, be sure to scroll down to today’s earlier post!

So, for the very last soap of the Project, I thought I'd finish up the last of the necessary inventory replenishment - with Red Rose & Ivy! I was down to a single bar! I’m now completely & fully stocked with all my regular soaps and have dozens of new soaps to offer to my customers and in my shops!

I’m sad to have The Lather Project end. I’m incredibly moved by all the support I received and I’ve enjoyed every wonderful comment that's been posted. I’m also pretty proud of myself for sticking with it and absolutely thrilled with the results! I’m already focused on dreaming up my next blog series…

I’ll be adding lots of post-Lather Project updates, including follow-ups to several soaps, some observations I noted during the series and I have a great list of interesting and fun facts to post - so be sure to come back and enjoy!

And for the very last time, here’s the description for Soap #30:

Our line of Botanical Infused Bath Bars are a special treat for your skin - infusing teas, flowers, plants and herbs in oil or water and using it to create soap not only imparts their amazing benefits, but also allows for the most nutrients and enrichment possible from the botanicals! And with real red rose petals, this soap offers gentle - and beautiful - exfoliation!

Our incredible Red Rose & Ivy Soap offers a harmonious blend of sweet, red rose petals in bloom and fresh green ivy. And in true Bellissima style, this is not your average floral rose scent! Intoxicating red rose, fresh geranium and tropical lily merge sensuously with cool herbs, lush greens and subtle earthy moss to deliver an unforgettable twist on a timeless fragrance!

Soap #30 is available for sale at my etsy store!

Remember to use Promo Code ‘Lather Project’ to receive 10% off your Lather Project Soap purchase!

Choosing something else? Use the Promo Code to receive a free sample bar of your choice of Lather Project Soaps!

Tune in Next Time for Post-Lather Project Updates!

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