Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things I Learned During The Lather Project

I learned so much during The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - mostly things about myself that I had never really thought about before, but a few other things as well. So I figured that - in a moment of self-revelation - I’d post a few here:

1. I have the most understanding, supportive and loving husband in the world.
2. Necessity breeds creativity - requiring a new soap every 24 hours for a month sparked tons of ideas that I might never have come up with otherwise
3. I love writing - almost as much as creating
4. I really can take a decent product photo!
5. Forcing myself to be creative and produce something new every single day allowed me to discover that I can be a resourceful, inventive and imaginative person
6. Inspiration comes from everyone and everything - I’ve opened my eyes and gained new insight into just about all that exists
7. Experimentation is the mother of invention - not necessity (see #2)
8. I can be a success at time management - I don’t have to let it overpower me and surrender to it
9. I am surprisingly much more organized than I’ve ever given myself credit for
10. Procrastination is the devil’s handiwork - and will lead you down the wrong path every time
11. Murphy’s Law applies to everything - especially when it comes to scalding hot oils and caustic lye
12. Some stuff that smells incredibly awesome just plain stinks when added to soap
13. Apparently, I will never get tired of or bored with making soap - ever
14. Perfect strangers are wonderfully willing to encourage, support, cheer on and wish luck on a project that you truly believe in
15. I have a lot more stamina, resilience and determination than I ever thought I had - my own stick-to-it-iveness and never-give-up attitude sincerely astounded me
16. I genuinely love a challenge! And I honestly enjoy pushing myself to do more - and do it better
17. I get a sense of pride and much more satisfaction out of my little indie business than I’ve ever gotten from working for someone else
18. Failure builds character and success builds self-esteem - it’s a win-win situation
19. Did I already mention that I have the most appreciative, accepting, encouraging and devoted husband in the whole-wide-world?
20. I would do it all over again - any day!

I looked forward to each and every new batch as if it were my very first time making soap. And my own wide-eyed wonder at sniffing, slicing and testing each new soap came as a total and complete surprise.
I want to keep this incredible child-like fascination and amazement when it comes to my craft throughout my entire life. And I sincerely believe the secret to it is to keep creating, designing and inventing, continue experimenting and testing and trying new things and definitely keep challenging myself on a daily basis.

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