Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lather Project Fun Facts

Sadly, The Lather Project is over. I’m not sure what to do with all this extra time on my hands! Actually, I’m busy dreaming up a new Project…

But anyway, I figured it might be fun to post a few fascinating facts about The Lather Project. When I look at the numbers like this, I’m just plain shocked!

Here's Some Interesting Lather Project Fun Facts....

Soap Facts
The Lather Project resulted in:
~ 30 3.5lb Soap Loaves
~ Over 105lbs total of Soap
~ 240+ Full Size Bars of Soap
~ 120+ Sample Size Soap Bars

Ingredient Facts

During The Lather Project, I used:
~ Almost 19lbs of Coconut Oil
~ Over 11lbs of Olive Oil
~ More than 7 Gallons of Distilled Water
~ Over 6lbs of Sunflower Seed Oil
~ Almost 6lbs of Fragrance and Essential Oils
~ Over 2 lbs of Botanicals
~ More than 2lbs of Goat's Milk

Types of Soap
~ 5 Men’s Soap
~ 2 Soaps with Shea Butter
~ 9 Goat Milk Soap
~ 3 Botanical Infused Soaps
~ 9 All-Natural Soaps
~ 8 Vegan Soaps
~ 1 Pet Soap
~ 2 Shampoo Bars
~ 2 Facial/Complexion Bars
~ 1 Shave Soap
~ 1 Pumice Bar
~ 1 Kitchen Soap
~ 1 Sea Salt Bar

I posted:
~ 1 Tutorial

Blog Facts during The Lather Project:
~ 293 Entries to Lather Project Giveaway
~ 164 Comments left on the Blog
~ 73 New Blog Followers
~ 4 Posts/Write-Ups on Other’s Blogs
~ 2 Blog Awards Won
~ 39 Tweets Referring to The Lather Project

Time Invested in The Lather Project:
~ Hours spent soap making - over 46.5
~ Hours spent writing posts - over 22.5
~ Hours spent taking photos - at least 7.5

~ Hours spent listing soaps in my shops - over 12.5

And there were so many things I wanted to do during The Lather Project that I just didn’t get to: Whipped Soap, a Cold-Process SoapMaking Tutorial, Cream Soap… but I’m hoping to cover these and more during The Lather Project II! Look for it either in the Fall or early next year!

Remember, too, that I’m still offering The Lather Project Soaps at 10% off in my etsy shop using the Promo Code ‘Lather Project’!

Choosing something else? Receive a free sample bar of a Lather Project Soap with any purchase using the same Promo Code!

Tune in next time for photo updates to some of The Lather Project Soaps!


  1. Wow, I am tired just reading the post. You deserve a days rest girlfriend!

  2. Okay now I need a nap..for about a week..You wore me out..I don't think I will figure all the time I put into my jewelry, shop, Husband of Wonders shop and blog...Hell I forgot my day job as well..Well think I will crawl back into my cave for a month now.

  3. Wow, impressive statistics ! No wonder you're worn to a frazzlem that was a lot of work...even if it was a labor of love.


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