Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Giveaway Winners!

Day 30 - the last Day of The Lather Project. And I am a bit sad…

I’ll be posting Soap #30 a bit later on, but I thought I’d go ahead and announce the Winners of The Lather Project Giveaway first.

I received almost 300 entries in the Giveaway (293, to be exact!) - and thank you to everyone who was kind enough to post a comment, blog about The Lather Project, follow me on Twitter, rate my Squidoo lenses, request Bellissima mineral makeup samples and Twitter about the Giveaway!

For anyone curious as to how I kept track of all the entries - I admit I had some help!

Did you know that TweetLater provides a great Twitter Service, alerting me with an email anytime I have a new follower, receive a direct message and especially useful for my Giveaway - provide me with a list of keyword alerts. I set up alerts so that any time a keyword is used on Twitter - such as ‘Bellissima’ and ‘Lather Project’, I’m notified.

This keyword alert is very similar to another service I use - Google Alerts. But Google will notify me of the use of any of my keywords across the entire web - blog posts, website references, online newspaper articles, and more.

These services helped me track all the entries, but I don’t trust that they catch absolutely everything, so I’m thrilled that most were kind enough to post links to their Tweets and blog entries!

Oh - and each comment, tweet, blog entry, etc. was assigned a number, and I used a true random number generator to choose the Winners! The numbers were: 211, 280, 92, 52, 259, 167

And it’s Time to Announce the Winners!

Drum Roll Please….

1st Prize Winner:
Brandon -2 Full Size Bars of Lather Project Soaps
2nd Prize Winner:
Baroness Bijoutery - 1 Full Size + 1 Sample Size Bar of Lather Project Soaps
3rd Prize Winner:
Mia - 2 Sample Size Bars of Lather Project Soaps

And, because there were just so many entries, I decided to award some Honorable Mentions, who will each receive 1 Sample Bar of their choice of Lather Project Soaps!

Honorable Mention:
Expressions by Devin

Congratulations to all the Winners!!! I really hope you enjoy your Lather Project Soap!

Tune in Later today for Soap #30 - and don’t forget to come on back for some fun post-Lather Project follow up posts!


  1. Thank you so much..You have really made my day..and what a great way to start the day..I have just sent you and email with the info you wanted...Have a great day...Hugs

  2. Oh YAY! Thank you so very much! Now to make the very hard hard decision on which of your AMAZING soaps I want to try!

  3. Thank you for hosting this great Give away!



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