Friday, May 15, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Day 7, Soap 7

I’m so excited about Soap #7!

I’ve been wanting to do a Salt Bar since the day I first heard about them. Living here in Rhode Island, there’s not a place in the State that’s more than an hour from the Ocean (hence RI‘s nickname, ‘The Ocean State’). And I was fortunate enough to grow up on the water, spending every moment above 60 degrees at the beach, on a boat or in the sea.

I’ve always loved how my skin felt after a day in the ocean. The salt water gently exfoliates and softens the skin, leaving it glowing and silky smooth. And salt has natural antimicrobial properties, helping to detoxify and purify the skin. In my youth, I always found that sea water would help in clearing up my acne-prone skin.

And salt bars accomplish the same effects - without spending the day at the beach! I added lots of dead sea salt to a blend of coconut oil (for cleansing), shea butter (for moisturizing) and castor oil (for lather) to create a spa-quality sea salt soap bar. Because the salt bar can be a little abrasive during the first few uses, I left just a strip of pure soap to make it a bit more gentle on the skin. And to that point, it’s important that those with ultra-dry or super-sensitive skin try a test patch to ensure that the high amount of salt doesn’t irritate their skin.

So, here’s the description for Soap #7 on Day 7:

Bellissima Handmade Sea Salt Spa Bar in Cucumber & Aloe

Our Sea Salt Spa Bars are made with a combination of Coconut Oil, Shea Butter & Castor Oil and lots and lots of Dead Sea Salt to create a Spa-Quality salt bar. Thoroughly cleansing, gently exfoliating, and highly moisturizing, our Sea Salt Spa Bars will leave your skin radiant, hydrated and silky smooth.

Our amazing Cucumber Aloe Sea Salt Spa Bar imparts the scent of crisp cucumber with notes of fresh aloe vera, green apple, casaba melon, a hint of mint and airy, delicate white florals. This is - without a doubt - an invigorating, rejuvenating and bright scent, both revitalizing and relaxing at the same time!

Soap #7 is available for sale at

Mention Promo Code ‘Lather Project’ in the Message to Seller Box for a 10% discount off your Cucumber Aloe Sea Salt Spa Bar purchase!

Choosing something else? Enter the Promo Code to receive a Cucumber Aloe Sea Salt Sample Bar! (Either wait for a revised invoice or I’ll refund the discount back after payment)

Tune In Tomorrow for Day 8!


  1. Sounds like a great soap...never thought of a Salt Soap before...

  2. sounds amazing! i like how you blend scents.

  3. This is probably my favorite of all the Lather Project soaps! It sounds SO wonderful

  4. man it looks so good I want to eat it:D


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