Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Day 23, Soap 23

It’s still Day 23!

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I’m super excited about Soap #23!

Mainly because it’s a special request.

A lovely young lady contacted me and told me about the bridal shower she’s hosting for her sister. She had made some beautiful Lavender & Chamomile herb pillows for party favors and had a thought that some matching soap might be a nice touch.

What’s more pampering and relaxing than Lavender & Chamomile scented pillows and soap? And what woman wouldn’t like to receive spa-quality items as a gift?

I completely agreed with her!

Since she was a little short on time
(the Shower is June 13th), she had certainly done her research by hunting down a hot-process soapmaker. The hot-process method of soapmaking essentially ’cooks’ the lye out and speeds up the saponification process by weeks. While the soap is ready to use right out of the mold, the more time you give before using the bar translates to a harder, longer lasting bar of soap. But it’s ready to cut, package and ship within 24-48 hours.

So I used Egyptian Chamomile-Infused High-Oleic Sunflower Seed Oil (and infused the chamomile in distilled water, as well), added lots of real Lavender buds, scented it with 3 parts Lavender and 1 part Chamomile and gave it a pretty purple iron oxide swirl to come up with her matching soap!

She’ll have them in hand and ready to decorate and pair with her pillows by the weekend! And since I fell in love with this blend, I have plenty extra to list in my shop!

Here’s the official description for Soap #23:

Bellissima Botanical-Infused Lavender Chamomile Soap

Our line of Botanical Infused Bath Bars are a special treat for your skin - infusing teas, flowers, plants and herbs in oils or water and adding it to soap not only imparts the amazing benefits to the soap, but also allows for the most nutrients and enrichment possible from the botanicals!

Lavender Chamomile is a harmonious blend of sweet, fresh lavender with just the right amount of herbal chamomile to elevate this to a relaxing and heavenly scent. This is an unforgettable floral fragrance! And with real lavender buds and Egyptian Chamomile, this soap offers gentle exfoliation and is a visual delight!

Look for Bellissima Botanical-Infused Lavender Chamomile Soap for sale at in the next few days!

Tune in Tomorrow for Soap #24!


  1. I love soap...I make a point to use it at least once a day ;-)

  2. Lavender soaps are my favorite. My 3 yr old daughter usually takes her showers with me and when the lavender buds fall out of the soap she freaks out. She calls them lavender buGs! haha
    But I love the little buds :)

  3. What a nice idea! How cool that you were able to make it for her.

  4. That sounds so gooood! I love lavender and chamomile so I'm sure it smells devine! It looks too pretty to use. :)

  5. Sounds lovely... I wish I could smell through my computer!

  6. sounds very relaxing and i love the way it looks!

  7. Chamomile -mmm..nice smell..

  8. i've gotten this blend before and i have decided i like lavender by itself better.


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