Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Lather Project: Day 1, Soap 1

Today’s the first day of 'The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days’ - I’m so psyched! This is definitely the biggest, if not one of the most exciting events since I started my business. This endeavor really has me rejuvenated, and has got my creative juices flowing. I have so many electrifying things planned for this Challenge - and I just couldn’t wait to get started!

And so we’re on Day 1, Soap 1.

I thought for the first soap in my challenge I would go back to the beginning… well, sort of.

Many, many moons ago, the very first soap I made was a cold-process, 1lb test loaf created with a very simple 5 oil recipe. I’ve never used a borrowed recipe - I’ve always created my own using an online soap calculator. I decided early on in my business that Bellissima’s recipe’s would - and forever will- be our own proprietary formulations. And that goes for everything from our mineral cosmetics to our solid perfumes to our laundry soap.

Although my very first soap wasn’t a fabulous success, I keep one bar from that batch for posterity - so I can periodically look back to see how far I’ve come. And the scent was Calla Lily - one of my very favorite floral fragrances!

I decided that for Soap #1, I would use my all-time favorite soap recipe - mmmmm, featuring Olive Oil & Shea Butter - and the first fragrance I ever used in soap making: Cally Lily.

I decided, too, to use an in-the-pot swirl technique and add in a bit of gold mica. I wanted something delicate and ethereal for this soap - just a barely-there hint of color - just like the classic wedding-white flower.

And so, here’s the full description:

Bellissima Handcrafted Soap w/Olive Oil & Shea Butter in Calla Lily

Our amazing Calla Lily Soap with Olive Oil & Shea Butter is enriched with luxurious all-veggie oils - featuring olive - but also with sunflower and rice bran to nurture your skin - and lots & lots & lots of Shea Butter to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated!

Calla Lily is a harmonious blend of fresh white florals and green herbal elements. Notes of freesia, cyclamen and white roses - and just a whiff of cashmere - round out this sweet and alluring scent.

Soap #1 is available for sale at

Mention Promo Code ‘Lather Project’ in the Message to Seller Box for a 10% discount off your Calla Lily Soap purchase!

Choosing something else? Enter the Promo Code to receive a Free Calla Lily Sample Bar!

Either wait for a revised invoice or I’ll refund the discount back after payment.

Tune In Tomorrow for Day 2!


  1. Fun!!! This soap looks so good :) Cute blog By the way!

  2. that's exciting! :) read abt ya via the forums... go go go. i'll be a follower of you to see how the soap challenge ends up! and so we can continue to build a community of etsians who support one another!

  3. Fun post...thanks for sharing your blog address in the etsy forums.
    Happy Day!

  4. That sounds like fun!! Busy - but fun! Look forward to seeing what other soaps you will be making.

  5. mmmmm this sounds so amazing. i love rose anything!

  6. adorable! sounds tooo good:)


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