Sunday, May 24, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Day 16, Soap 16

It’s Day 16 - and we’re past the halfway point in the Project!

And our last of this week’s utility-themed soaps is a Doggie Shampoo Bar! Now normally, I like to do a liquid soap for doggie shampoos, but I had a request for a bar, and this was the perfect time to do it!

There is some controversy over handmade soap for pet use, due to the ph factor. Since it’s difficult to control the ph of soap, and a dog’s skin does not tolerate temporary ph changes as ours does, the question remains how healthy lye soap can be for animals. However, if you’ve ever read the ingredient listing on the bottle of any commercial pet shampoo, you’ll wonder how any of that stuff - chock-full of chemicals and wholly unnatural ingredients - could possibly be good for any animal. Handmade soap has got to be better!

And the greater advantage is not only in the ability to choose the healthful oils, but also in selecting beneficial and all-natural ingredients to take the place of those chemicals. There are some wonderful herbs and botanicals that will help achieve similar results - repelling fleas, ticks and mosquitoes while nourishing and soothing the skin and fur.

Comfrey and chamomile can help in soothing and calming dry, stressed and irritated skin. Eucalyptus and sandalwood may aid in repelling fleas, ticks, mites, mosquitoes, chiggers and other annoying critters. Aloe, oatmeal and lavender can help to calm and heal bug bites, scratches and sores. Rosemary has antibacterial properties.

I also added essential oils - but only in the absolute lowest therapeutic amounts - tea tree oil and peppermint essential oil to aid in repelling bugs and black pepper as an antiseptic.

But this soap’s not just for dogs - people who plan to be in the outdoors and want a more natural bug repellent will benefit from use, as well! And since most of these ingredients are antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing and gentle - it also makes a great soap for acne-prone skin!

So, here’s the description for Soap #16:

Bellissima Handmade Comfrey & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Bar Soap

Our Comfrey & Tea Tree Dog Shampoo Bar is incredibly lathering and wonderfully creamy with our luxurious blend of vitamin- & nutrient-enriched veggie and plant oils. I include olive & coconut for cleansing, castor oil for extra lather and lots & lots of shea butter, sunflower, grapeseed and rice bran oils to leave your pet’s coat soft and shiny and their skin healthy and nourished.

Both comfrey & chamomile are added to sooth the skin, eucalyptus & sandalwood included to help repel bugs, aloe, oatmeal & lavender help in calming itchy skin and rosemary acts as an antibacterial to help in healing sores and scratches. The lowest - and safest - therapeutic amounts of tea tree oil, peppermint and black pepper essential oils are added as well, to pump up the repellent and antiseptic qualities of this Dog Shampoo Bar!

Look for Soap #16 for sale in our shop in the next few days:

Tune in Tomorrow for Soap #17!


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