Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Lather Project: 30 Soaps in 30 Days - Day 12, Soap 12

It’s Day 12!

And in keeping with our ‘utility theme’ this week - soaps that serve specific purposes, I thought I’d make a Mechanic’s Companion - pumice soap. Remember Lava - that soap that would virtually strip two layers of skin off your hands while also scouring dirt & grease? Well, handmade pumice soap will still remove the dirt and grease, but leave the skin on your hands - and keep it looking and feeling fabulous!

The difference is in the oils. With handmade soap, we can control the properties of the finished product by carefully choosing the oils. Oils like coconut and palm are cleansing, oils like castor and nut butters provide lather, oils like sweet almond and apricot kernel are conditioning, oils like rice bran and sunflower are gentle and emollient. Additives like chamomile or calendula for gentle soothing, orange essential oil to cut grease and tea tree oil to help with disinfecting can really turn a plain pumice soap into a spa treatment!

And I love a good pumice soap for my feet! I’m still plagued with callouses after spending years working on my feet during my youth. I find pumice stones and files too abrasive, but a good moisturizing pumice soap always does the trick! My feet are almost summer-ready!

So, here’s the description for Soap #12:

Bellissima Mechanic's Companion Orange & Tea Tree Pumice Soap

Our amazing Orange & Tea Tree Pumice Soap is incredibly lathering and deliciously creamy with our lavish blend of vitamin- & nutrient-enriched all-veggie oils. I include olive & coconut to make this super-cleansing and lots & lots of mango butter, sweet almond and grapeseed oil to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Finely ground pumice adds to the deep cleaning and brings the exfoliating factor. Wonderful for the mechanic or gardener in your life!

Orange & Tea Tree Pumice Soap works as hard as you do! Pumice is fabulous for removing dirt, grime, tar, ink, paint, adhesives and more while the orange essential oil works overtime to help dissolve grease and oil. Tea tree oil is added for it’s antibacterial and disinfectant properties while a touch of black pepper essential oil adds a mild antiseptic. Super for either heavy-duty clean-up or for a spa foot treatment!

Look for it in my shop at in the next few days!

Tune In Tomorrow for Day 13!


  1. great soap to use when you've been hard at work!

  2. mm..creamy..looks good too:)


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